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With the right care, a fiberglass swimming pool can last a long time; but like any other part of your home, repairs and maintenance on the pool is unavoidable. At Essential Concrete, we provide reliable, effective, and affordable fiberglass swimming pool repairs in Houston, TX.

After we have applied the adhesive resin on the sanded area, we apply special fillers to the crack. We then smooth the filled-in crack thoroughly using sandpaper. After the area is dry, we apply bonding gel on the wall and on the lining of the pool.

After waiting for a few minutes for the bonding gel to dry, we apply another coat of bonding gel and we smooth out any air pockets. We then leave the repaired surface to dry completely before we do another sanding to finish the job.

We also offer specialized fiberglass swimming pool repairs for more serious problems, like deeper surface cracks or bulging pool walls. With our decades of experience, you will find us the best at troubleshooting and resolving swimming pool problems. Contact us today and use our expertise to protect your investment.

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